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 A foolish belief  look forward to in this life – so it is   (kamêlos) instead of the contextually   his hand on the USA and our great   the Rev Lawrence gives in the last
 Why we publish  Thank you so much for sending my   important they are told about Jesus   correct kamilos meaning rope.   country and Mrs May. God works in   couple of lines of this article. I have a
                                                                              son, with a wife and four children who
          This view is supported by most
                                           mysterious ways and will use people
 book from the Autumn Draw. What an  and that we try to make their days as
 amazing, wonderful magazine is Plain   good as possible.  theologians and even the earliest authors   to work out for good. Just look at the   live in Belgium, and I should love this
 Truth! So balanced!  Ann Wills, via email  of biblical commentaries, such as Origen   people he used in the Bible.  family to have a copy of this particular
 Eva McIntyre’s article ‘Facing our   (184-254 CE) and Cyril of Alexandria   Mrs DN, West Sussex  issue if you have a spare copy.
 own mortality’ is so spot on the Truth!   Camels and needles  (376-444 CE), believed this passage,   Mrs JCC, London
 Dear Readers,  Especially regarding her comparison   With reference to the article ‘What does   contextually, to be talking about rope.   Things are so fluid, my remarks may
 of David Watson and John Robinson,   a camel have to do with a needle?’ You say   Ancient Syriac versions of Biblical   be out-of-date within 24 hours of my   I was so pleased to read ‘A new day – a

 The Plain Truth is a Registered Charity   who died with ‘humility and courage’   that what Jesus actually said was ‘it is   manuscripts and the Adysh Gospels of   writing this, let alone when your next   new direction’ from Jane Burton, having
 (No 1098217) which produces a non-  Yes, so many insisted that David would  easier for a thick rope to be threaded   Georgia (897 CE) also support this view.  excellent edition comes out.   introduced her to The Plain Truth
                                                                              not that long ago. So nicely presented
                                             While I deplore many of the
          GWH Lampe, a British theologian
 denominational magazine, aimed at   live, if only he had faith. What rubbish!  through the eye of a needle, than for   and Anglican Priest who dedicated his   attitudes, comments and insults by   in the magazine.
 Poor David, who had great faith....just
 a rich man to enter the kingdom of
 readers of all faiths – or none – to inform   read his books. So many poor souls   God’. But due to this mistranslation   life to theological teaching and research,   President Donald Trump, one thing   Consequently, I am wondering if I
 and educate them on issues affecting our   are being misled into believing that if   the word ‘camel’ is printed in the   wrote one of the most comprehensive   I do feel he may have hit on is the   may have another copy of this edition?
 everyday lives from a Christian perspective.  only they have enough faith (not ‘faith   Bible instead of the words ‘thick   works ever compiled on the theological   culture of ‘Fake News’.   Usually upon receiving my copy of the
 like a grain of mustard seed’ as Jesus   rope’. Might I suggest that this error   and ecclesiastical vocabulary of the Greek   While Trump gives so many   magazine, the first piece I search for
 Our goal is to provide our subscribers with   said), they WILL be healed and WILL  is corrected in all Bibles printed from   Christian authors, and also believed that   horrible comments to the press, social   is Roy Lawrence’s contribution …but
 ‘food for thought’. The Plain Truth’s   live....So many say, and foolishly   now on. Also, I am surprised that God   kamilos was the appropriate translation,   media, mainstream news networks   this time Jane Burton’s took pride of
 contributors come from many Christian   believe, that all those Christians who   allowed an error to be printed!   not kamêlos.  do, too often, offer dubious stories…I   place!
 backgrounds. Distributed free of charge,   die of cancer or other illnesses are   AJB, Surrey  As you can appreciate, such additional   think that the press really does need to   Thank you so much for the spiritual
 The Plain Truth provides its readers with a   lacking in faith, so die.  material as above would have required   be held to account.  refreshment conveyed in The Plain
 balanced ‘spiritual diet’.  Edwin Self, Sheffield  James Hammond’s article says that   more than just a one-page study, and   However, there are serious issues   Truth to so many.
 Jesus spoke in Aramaic, and the   would have started to become complex,   about Trump’s presidency. Serious   Mr PN, West Sussex
 Ministering to the elderly   Aramaic word for ‘camel’, when   when it was my intention to keep the   stories to be told and we do need a
 Published three or four times a year, The   It was widely reported recently that   translated into Greek, sounds similar   subject simple. But I am grateful to Dr H   media equal to that job. For Christians   FREE BOOK DRAW
 Plain Truth addresses topics such as family   over a million older people in our   to the Greek word for ‘rope’. This can   for pointing out the error of logic. I hope   discernment has always been a facet of   WINNERS
 relationships, care of our environment,   country are chronically lonely.   only mean that Jesus used the Aramaic   the above helps to explain more clearly   faith, reflecting upon things, praying,
 depression, preparing our children to   I wonder if any of them have   word ‘camel’. Either the logic, or the   what I was trying to say.  discerning truth.
 become responsible members of society and   thought of contacting a local church?   wording, is in error.    That’s not easy to do. There are so
 many other similar topics from a Christian   Most churches hold an afternoon   Dr. CSH, via email  The people’s choice?  many challenges today and truth is a
 perspective. Regular features explore the   fellowship and friendship group with a   Once again, as with the Archbishop, we  really endangered species. So we must
 books of the Bible and examine aspects of   cup of tea and perhaps a speaker.   I understand the point Dr H is making,   are questioned as to why we voted to   be even stronger in upholding the
 the Christian faith.  Some churches hold a ‘Holiday at   and my explanation could have been made   leave an undemocratic, unelected elite,   truth – that’s the challenge.
 Home’ for a few days a year, where   better by referencing the Aramaic as well   with many laws passed in secret and   MrTM, Clwyd
 Currently, with a circulation of around   older people visit a local church hall   as the Greek.  whose accounts, at best are dubious.
          It may surprise Gethin (A View from
 In this particular instance, the Aramaic
 7,500 in the UK and a readership of 25,000,   and activities are held for them – such   word Jesus used was gamla. This word   the High Street) to know some of us   Send to a friend – or family
                                           I am writing to say how interesting I
 The Plain Truth’s articles are frequently   as table games, singing, craftwork   could actually be translated as a large   actually prayed about the matter [of   have found your latest issue of The
 – and meals and refreshments are
 used as a basis of sermons and assembly   provided.   beam, a beast such as a camel, or thick rope   Brexit], and thought very hard about   Plain Truth, particularly the article
 material for many denominations and   For people who are housebound,   (made from camel hair) because gamla has   it, and since the vote are even more   ‘What’s New?’ by Rev Roy Lawrence.  Congratulations to our book draw
 schools across the country, plus 80 other   some churches may have home-  a number of meanings.  convinced the right thing was done.   I have been thinking along these   winners who each receive a free copy
 countries globally.  visiting schemes, and one Christian   As with many languages, the exact   This was despite the warmongers and   lines for a long time and am so   of  Joni Eareckson Tada’s book: Joni:
 charity visits older people in care   meaning is determined by its overall   suspect politicians, with their own   appreciative of the statements that   An unforgettable story.
 We hope to be able to continue publishing   homes. It’s called PARCHE (‘Pastoral   context in the passage to which it refers.   interests to the fore, now demanding   are made in your magazine which are   Mrs Brown, Powys
 The Plain Truth as long as resources allow.   Action in Residential Care Homes   So if Jesus was discussing something about   we vote again.  so helpful to old people like me who   Mrs Capstade, Devon
 We are always grateful for the donations   for the Elderly’) and they hold   ‘riding’ or ‘burden’ then it would make   I read The Plain Truth with   try so hard to understand our journey   Ms Wills, Grantham
 from our readers who share our vision   Christian services in care homes   sense for gamla to be translated as ‘camel’.   joy and am sad that even in this   on this earth. What wonderful advice
 and help us make The Plain Truth freely   and chat and pray (if wanted) with   As my article explains, this doesn’t fit   magazine we cannot get away from the   Disclaimer: Although every effort is taken to
 available to all who want it.  residents afterwards. They do this   with the context of the passage. But the   Remoaners. God Bless.   WHAT DO YOU THINK?  ensure up-to-date and accurate information is
 in Eastbourne’s care homes but they   Jewish audience, especially the Galilean   Terry J, via email  SEND YOUR LETTERS TO:  reproduced in The Plain Truth, the publishers,
 want this idea to be spread to other   fishermen, would understand perfectly   authors and printers cannot accept liability
 UK areas. I think most churches   Jesus discussing an item in daily use: rope.   I was very disappointed about the   The Editor  for any errors or omissions. Articles appearing
 would be only too willing to help   There is, to my knowledge, no connection   comments (A View from the High Street)   The Plain Truth  in The Plain Truth remain copyright of the
                                                                               authors and may not be reproduced without
 lonely older people. The Bible says   anywhere in Aramaic speech or literature   on Donald Trump, ie comparing   15 Meadowlands  prior, written permission of the copyright
 THE PLAIN TRUTH  elderly people are precious to God   between a camel and a needle, but there   him to the children’s programme   Burwell  holder and the publisher.
 and Jesus told us to care for the widow.  is a definite connection between rope and   ‘Trumpton’. Mocking Mr Trump I feel   Any applications for reproduction should be
 APPEAL 2017                                 Cambridge                         made in the first instance to the Editor at The
 Having fellowship and knowing Jesus   a needle.  is very unloving – a mocking spirit is   CB25 0HG
 could make such a difference to those   So I should have explained that when   not of God.   Or email the Editor:  Plain Truth. Any statement made or opinions
                                                                               expressed in articles represent the opinions
 suffering loneliness and bereavement.   the Gospel authors translated gamla into   I believe in a loving God, a God  of the authors and may not necessarily reflect
 Some seniors may have little left to   Greek, they used the Greek word for camel   of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob that has   those of the charity.

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