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Editor, The Plain Truth
(This message is taken from the Summer-Autumn 2021 Plain Truth printed magazine carrier sheet.)
Mary Hammond, Editor

Dear Plain Truth Subscriber

Did you know that Team UK have just brought home six medals in boxing from the recent, delayed 2020 Olympic Games in Japan? A sport which in the early 19th century was regulated by introducing weight classes. Boxing matches were divided into different weight categories, namely: flyweight, lightweight, welterweight, heavyweight and so on.

Currently there are 17 different categories. Since the rules were established, only boxers of the same weight category could fight each other. But when a boxer from a lighter weight category fought someone in a heavier category, he’d be said to be ‘punching above his weight’.

Today the term ‘punching above your weight’ is used figuratively on occasions where someone – or something – competes outside their comfort zone and usual class. And this terminology was often used by my predecessor and former Editor of The Plain Truth. John Halford used this expression to convey his astonishment at how our magazine, with minimal resources, had managed to not only survive but thrive in a declining arena that had sadly witnessed many far bigger and well-funded Christian magazines ceasing publication. However, ours was the only one with a worldwide circulation, yet without a cover price, every issue being made freely available to anyone who would like to read The Plain Truth. (Our magazine currently reaches 84 countries across the globe.)

Over the last 18 years that we have been established as an independent charity, there have been times when our resources were so low that we didn’t know what the future would hold for us. But in God’s economy, our needs were met each time. Donations and funds arrived to enable us to continue publishing the magazine, publish Roy’s book – and now produce a podcast to reach a bigger, wider audience with the Christian message. Our sincere thanks go to all of you who have helped us on our journey – and continue to do so.

God bless
Mary Hammond
Editor, The Plain Truth


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