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Editor, The Plain Truth
(This message is taken from the Autumn 2020 Plain Truth printed magazine carrier sheet.)

Dear Plain Truth Subscriber

You’re looking at the third issue of The Plain Truth magazine we’ve published since the UK was hit by Covid-19 and the country initially plunged into lockdown, in late March this year.

Over the long, hot summer, the pandemic has still very much been with us, and continued to seriously limit the everyday activities of many. Especially the elderly. This vulnerable sector of our society has probably been hit hardest of all the age groups. Tens of thousands of them either shielding, self-isolating or ‘confined to barracks’ if they live in a nursing home or supported living.

With places of worship and many other venues where the elderly would normally meet up being closed for months, for this particular group of readers The Plain Truth has been something of a lifeline. And many of you have written in telling us so.

During this unprecedented period, we too have witnessed additional requests for our magazine as well as copies of Roy’s book. (Incidentally we’ve now been able to give away around 900 books free of charge to all who have requested their copy, or one to pass on to a friend or family member.)

But a few of the ‘very elderly’ have also shared with us their stories of how they still have a passion to ‘preach the Gospel’ using our resources. (You can read some of these on the Letters page.)

And all of this has only been made possible by the generous donations many of you loyal readers have continued to send, to enable us to keep publishing The Plain Truth. And for that we would like to give you our heartfelt thanks.

God bless
Mary Hammond
Editor, The Plain Truth


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