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Editor, The Plain Truth
(This message is taken from the Spring 2022 Plain Truth printed magazine carrier sheet.)
Mary Hammond, Editor

Dear Plain Truth Subscriber

Someone in publishing asked me recently about the circulation of The Plain Truth and how we manage to send it to so many countries around the globe without a subscription price.

I probably didn’t give her the answer she was expecting, and have to say I felt both proud and humbled with her response. ‘Wow, anything over a subscription list of 4,000 printed copies nowadays is pretty amazing,’ she commented.

‘And to have a free international circulation is unheard of in this day and age.’

In fact, if you add to our print subscription list the growing number of people who receive electronic copies of each issue to read on their computers, mobiles or tablets, we have around 5,000 subscribers. Then, when we consider the number of subscribers who pass on their Plain Truth copy once they’ve read it to three or more people, it means our readership soars to about 20,000 worldwide.

And all of this is funded purely by your donations.

Normally, this issue would have reached 85 countries across the world. But it will now reach only 84. Our subscriber in the Russian Federation living 1,700km due east of Moscow, had her copy returned unopened and bearing an official-looking Russian stamp.

(Back in 2016 President Putin passed a law making it ‘unconstitutional’ to share your faith in homes, online, or anywhere but recognized church buildings. A coincidence that she didn’t receive her Plain Truth, given the current situation?)

We also have dozens of subscribers each receiving a printed copy of the magazine in ‘sensitive countries’ including Iran, India, Nigeria and Pakistan. For them, The Plain Truth truly is an essential spiritual lifeline.

Thank you for enabling these subscribers, in particular, to receive our Christian magazine.

God bless
Mary Hammond
Editor, The Plain Truth


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