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Editor, The Plain Truth
(This message is taken from the Spring 2021 Plain Truth printed magazine carrier sheet.)

Mary Hammond, Editor

Dear Plain Truth Subscriber

I don’t know about you, but I’m rather glad we don’t know what’s around the corner.

If this time last year we’d have been told that 12 months down the line the UK would have witnessed 127,000 Covid-related deaths, three national lockdowns, almost 700,000 jobs lost and that the UK would record its worst economic climate for almost 300 years, would we even have believed it?

But the ability to forecast the future is something for which mankind has always had a need. In fact, forecasting the future was being practised in ancient China and Egypt some 6,000 years ago.

Today, the continued need to know what the future holds is shared by millions who visit tarot card readers, psychics, palm-readers, and those practising tasseography (that’s the reading of tea leaves). Some research has shown that one of the primary reasons people love fortune telling is that through it, they can be redirected towards a better path in their life. And many will pay a substantial sum to have this information revealed!

And although the Christian message is one of hope for a future where there will be no more pain and suffering; nations won’t war against each other; and we will once again meet up with loved ones lost, the world, in general, is less keen to hear the Gospel. (Maybe because of the sometimes harsh, judgemental or inaccessible way in which it is preached?)

We hope that The Plain Truth will meet many of those on their journey towards a better path in their life.

Please pray for our work if you will – and support us only if you can.

In Christian love
Mary Hammond
Editor, The Plain Truth


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