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Mary Hammond
Editor, The Plain Truth
(This message is taken from the Summer 2020
Plain Truth printed magazine carrier sheet.)

Dear Plain Truth Subscriber

Well, what a three months it’s been since we last met! We’ve either been locked in, locked down, locked out, shielded or ‘furloughed’. (Now there’s a new word we’ve all come to know.) We’ve socially distanced, washed our hands countless times and started wearing masks in public places for possibly the first time ever in our lives. And then there’s been the queues. In the cold, in the rain and in the blistering mini-heatwave last month – not forgetting the ‘virtual’ online queueing to grab a coveted grocery slot too.

And all of this has been difficult, depressing and draining – sometimes downright demoralising. But we’ve put up with all of this for ‘the common good’ of our families, friends, the NHS and our nation. (And of course, ourselves.)

Selfless sacrifices never go unnoticed, or unappreciated.

And during these last three challenging months, we too at The Plain Truth have witnessed the financial sacrifices – as well as great support – from many of you. Despite the many fundraising appeals for the NHS and a whole variety of charities, donations have kept coming in to support our vital work. For that we are extremely grateful. Thank you.

But as well as donations, we have been touched by the numerous letters, cards and emails received, expressing thanks and giving us encouragement to ‘keep on keeping on’ during these difficult times. The encouragement has been overwhelming[i]. Thank you.

Never underestimate the valuable and important difference you make in every life you touch. For the impact you make today has a powerful rippling effect on every tomorrow. We pray you will continue to support our work of reaching out to others.

God bless
Mary Hammond
Editor, The Plain Truth

[i] You can read a selection of these encouraging letters on pages 4-5 of this issue.


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